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Here you will find all the different styles of paddling and the lessons that go with them!  We offer in-house Ridge Canadian Canoe Certificates for all our Canoe courses, these are included in your course package. These certificates are specifically for participation and completion of the course, where participants are looking to focus more on the skills gained, and do not need a particular certification for work purposes.

If participants would prefer a Paddle Canada Certificate, we do offer those certificates also for an additional $19.95 plus tax per person and $9.95 plus tax for Scouts/Girl Guides. This certificate is geared more towards those needing a specific certification for work purposes.

Each course is the same regardless of certification given, however, our normal Ridge programs include a few extra skills the Paddle Canada level does not.

Please notify our office if you would prefer a Paddle Canada certificate.

Canoe Courses Offered:

  • Intro, Intermediate + Instructor – Tandem + Solo Canoe Courses
  • Big Canoe Lake Level Paddler, Leader/Skipper and Instructor Courses
  • Big Canoe Ocean Skipper Courses
  • Waterfront Instructor Courses
  • And More!

Puller Course

Big canoe Skills Introductory Course
Consists of participants paddling in the big canoe NOT in the stern
Duration: 1.5 day course (first day done in small canoes and then transitioned into big canoes for day 2 to apply skills)

Intent of the course: To introduce novices to the big canoe, specifically to the middle and bow positions. To introduce the basics strokes: forward, reverse, check/stop, drop skeg and low brace to safely assist with propelling the canoe forward, backing up, stopping and docking. An optional maneuver may be introduced to assist with moving the canoe sideways (sideward displacement) using draws and prys as an optional progression to the Intermediate Leader position. Participants will rotate through the middle and bow position in a big canoe with a Big Canoe Instructor or an Intermediate or Advanced Big Canoe Leader in the stern.

Skipper Course:

(Big Canoe Skills Intermediate Leader)
Learning to lead a big canoe with a novice crew.
Duration: 2 days

Content: Paddling in a straight line, turns, docking, with and without the help of your crew. Crew commands, and leading skills, rescues, big canoe safety, paddling with other big canoes, what to expect from novice paddlers, packing for a trip, trim and balance of a canoe, how to work together
Minimum age of 16 years or high level of fitness and maturity
Intent: To introduce big canoe paddling to those individuals who have a basic knowledge of paddling strokes. To gain knowledge and skill for the stern position in the big canoe and to gain the skills to lead novices in a big canoe on easy water (flat/lake water)

Ocean/Coastal Canoe Course

Prerequisites: Big Canoe Skills Intermediate Leader Course (Skipper Course)
Duration: 3 days
Content: launching and landing in wind and waves appropriate for the level, additional paddle strokes, paddling in wind, waves and ocean current appropriate for the level, chart work, including plotting, navigation and compass work, tide predictions and how this affects canoeing, rescues in ocean water.

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