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Duke of Edinburgh International Award Adventurous Journeys


Duke of Edinburgh International Award Adventurous Journeys

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award – Canada is a global framework for non-formal education and learning, which challenges young people to discover their purpose, passion and place in the world; to be ready for their world – whatever that may be. As part of the Award, there is an Adventurous Journey component for each of the three levels. A big part of what we do at Ridge Wilderness Adventures is to get people outside and empowered to achieve their personal goals. In saying this, the Award is a great fit with our Ridge programming, as it involves the outdoor empowerment and growth that we love to see.

We offer overnight canoe-based Adventurous Journeys that are geared towards all three levels of the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Participants are only required to provide their own personal gear such as tents, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tarps and ropes, camp stool, mess kit etc. Unless otherwise noted in the event details below!

Upon registration, participants will receive a full registration package via email containing all specific details of their journey including gear lists, waivers, Google Pins, virtual preliminary links, etc.

These trips take place at Pitt Lake and Alouette Lake. Locations vary depending on journey and time of year.




Gear Rentals

You are welcome to reserve your rental gear at your time of Adventurous Journey registration, or, circle back after registration to submit your gear rental reservation! All rental orders must be placed at least 2 weeks prior to your journey! CLICK HERE TO RESERVE YOUR GEAR TODAY!


Gold packages

Please note: All dates below are subject to change due to low enrollment and weather — in the event that the dates you originally registered with are postponed, you will receive a credit to move to another journey of your choice.


08julAll DayGold - Journey #1 - Lower Mainland

22julAll DayGold - Journey #2 - Lower Mainland


05augAll DayGold - Journey #3 - Lower Mainland

19augAll DayGold - Journey #4 - Lower Mainland


Silver packages

Please note: All dates below are subject to change due to low enrollment and weather — in the event that the dates you originally registered with are postponed, you will receive a credit to move to another journey of your choice.


08julAll DaySilver - Journey #1 - Lower Mainland

22julAll DaySilver - Journey #2 - Lower Mainland


05augAll DaySilver - Journey #3 - Lower Mainland

19augAll DaySilver - Journey #4 - Lower Mainland


Bronze packages

Please note: All dates below are subject to change due to low enrollment and weather — in the event that the dates you originally registered with are postponed, you will receive a credit to move to another journey of your choice.


08julAll DayBronze - Journey #1 - Lower Mainland

22julAll DayBronze - Journey #2 - Lower Mainland


05augAll DayBronze - Journey #3 - Lower Mainland

19augAll DayBronze - Journey #4- Lower Mainland


12octAll Day14Bronze - Fall JourneyDuke of Edinburgh Adventurous Journey


Duke of Edinburgh

Frequently Asked Questions


What does each “package” include?

Each DOE package, no matter the level (Bronze, Silver or Gold) includes:

  • A one-hour Preliminary Session – This session is hosted virtually over Google Meet and is intended to help participants prepare for their upcoming journeys. Our lead guide will go over what to expect, routes and locations, menu planning, what gear to bring/not bring, what kind of clothing is appropriate for an overnight journey/what is not and more! 
  • A Practice Journey – Depending on the level the participant is completing; a practice journey is either combined with their qualifying journey (Bronze participants) or a separate journey that runs prior to their qualifying journey (Silver + Gold). The practice journey is intended to give participants an opportunity to practice the skills that they will be taking a more in depth look at during their qualifying journey.
  • A Qualifying Journey – (Silver + Gold) Participants will take this exciting journey over 3-4 days (depending on level). This journey will test the skills learned during the practice journey, as well as provide additional knowledge and experience in the canoe and in the wilderness settings.

Do fees include food?

Yes! All participants are required to bring the first day’s packed lunch, snack and full water bottle on day one. After the first day’s lunch, Ridge provides all meals for the participants. Ridge also provides all cooking equipment for the participants.

Do fees include tents + other equipment?

No, fees do not include any individual gear or equipment, with the exception of the canoes, pfds, paddles, group equipment and other safety related equipment (first aid kits, in reach devices, cooking equipment, safety gear etc.) We do have rentals available for those who might not have the necessary equipment. Please ensure you are looking over the Gear List that is sent with your registration package to be sure you have all of the required equipment.

Do you offer rentals?

Yes! We do provide rentals for the following items: Tents (variety of sizes), Sleeping bags, sleeping mats, tarps + rope, camp stools, eating kits and dry bags (large and small). All are priced based on a nightly basis.

What time does the journey begin + end?

All of our DOE trips begin at 9:30 AM and end at 3:30 PM on the final day of the program. Please note there is a fee of $50.00 / every 30 minutes late – for parents/guardians who are not on site to pick up promptly by 3:30 PM on the final day.

Who fills out my report after the journey is completed?

When you have finished your journey, your award leader will help you to fill out your reports online. You will require your trip assessor and trip supervisors’ emails to send your reports. Participants should prepare to ask for their assessor/supervisor’s name and email addresses during their preliminary session OR while on trip.

Is there transportation provided to and from the pick up/drop off locations?

We do not provide transportation to and from the pickup and drop off locations. However, all of our journey locations have easy access to and from the boat launch in which your group will be meeting at. 

Who do we call in the event of an emergency, where we need to get in contact with our child/the participant on the trip?

In the event of an emergency, where you need to reach the guide on trip with your child/participant, please contact either 604-477-4663 or 236-380-3757. We will be able to contact the lead guide on the trip, on your behalf.

Do you provide private DOE trips? 

We do provide private Duke of Edinburgh journeys! Our trips are run with a minimum of 8 participants and include all of the same perks as our public offerings. You can get in touch with our office via email at to get pricing information and available dates.

I am a parent/adult trying to arrange a DOE trip for my child/students, where do I begin?

The first step is to turn over all communications to the student. Given that this is an independent award, part of the process is to have students coordinate their trips on their own. Students can contact us via phone or email with any questions or inquiries they might have!

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