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2L Dry Bag First Aid Kit – Stocked


20 in stock



Photos do not depict all contents of the bag! Updated photos of all included items coming soon.

2L Transparent Dry Bag
These dry bags feature durable, waterproof, 500D Tarpaulin material designed to protect your gear in all environments.

Roll-top buckle closure:
How do I properly seal a roll-top dry bag / backpack?

We recommend a minimum of 3 folds/rolls to properly seal a roll-top dry bag. For an optimal seal:
-Align the top two edges and push down to release excess air
-Once trapped air has been released, tightly fold the top over at least 3 times to ensure proper closure.
-For better protection, secure by connecting the buckles together.

First Aid Contents:

  • Bandages
    • 3x knuckle
    • 3x fingertip
    • 4x strip
  • 1x crepe bandage
  • 1x triangle bandage
  • 1x self-adhesive elastic bandage
  • 3x circles of moleskin
  • 6x BZK wipes
  • 2x alcohol pads – 70% isopropyl
  • 3 x sterile gauze swab
  • 3x sterile gauze pad
  • 3x non-adherent sterile pad
  • 1x ab pad
  • 4x gloves
  • 1x packet ASA (acetylsalicylic acid)
  • 1x packet antibiotic ointment
  • 1x keychain CPR face shield
  • 1x emergency rescue blanket