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Intro Solo Lake Water Course

09julAll DayIntro Solo Lake Water CourseSummer Courses: Fort Langley - Spring/Fall Courses: Pitt Lake

Event Details

Summer Courses: Fort Langley
Spring/Fall Courses: Pitt Lake


Course Content:


Safety and Rescue
  • Carrying a canoe
  • Basic environment hazards like water, wind, waves, weather
  • When to get off the water
  • Being prepared for hypothermia and hyperthermia
  • Personal preparation (clothing, water, snacks, medication, etc.)
  • Transport Canada regulations and requirements
  • Safe canoe procedures (lead/sweep and on water leadership)
  • Canoe over canoe rescues
  • Towing a canoe
  • Throw bag practice
General Paddling Skills
  • Getting in and out of a canoe at a dock or easy shoreline
  • Paddling in cadence
  • Rafting up
  • Forward
  • Reverse
  • Check (stop)
  • Draw
  • Pry
  • J-Stroke or rudder
  • Forward and Reverse sweep (stern only)
  • Low brace
  • Drop Skeg
  • Forward paddling
  • Wide turns (rectangular course)
  • Pivots
  • Left and right turns
  • Docking (basic)
  • Reverse paddling
  • Momentum and initiation
  • Trimming a canoe
  • Basic canoe and paddle parts
  • Paddle and canoe care
  • Knots for canoe tie down (bowline and truckers hitch)
  • Equipment for a half day tour
  • Paddling within your ability
  • PaddleSmart
  • Leave No Trace principles



July 9, 2022 All Day(GMT-07:00)

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